10th-11th July 2021 – Weekend Update

Conversions, Re-solos and Many Happy Returns

With the weather looking to be a lot more promising this weekend, members came to the airfield with high hopes. Both Saturday and Sunday proved to be scratchy in terms of thermals, but enough for our experienced pilots to enjoy the Lincolnshire countryside.

Saturday saw 16 members, as well as 4 University of Nottingham members join us at the airfield. There was a total of 55 winch launches and 4 aerotows. Although there was no achievements in particular, it was a nice days flying for all those that attended.

Sunday was a lot more eventful, with conversions, re-solos and returning pilots. We saw a total of 58 launches, and a plethora of achievements. The first congratulations goes to Callum Evans, a former NUGC member, who converted onto the club Astir aircraft. In addition to Callum was Serena, who flew the Astir as well on Sunday after a long 15 years away from gliding. We also saw RAF serviceman Scott Bagshaw re-solo since the COVID break, as well as the club OiC, Luke Dale, convert onto a privately owned ASW27.

We ended the week with 115 launches, and many notable events to certain keep our spirits high. Work is being carried out on the club motor glider, which will be serviceable soon for aerotows above RAF Cranwell.