11th-12th September – Weekend Update

Airfield Dogs and Blue Skies

With the soaring season coming to a close and the gloomy Autumn evenings upon us, this weekend presented the last time in the foreseeable future that circuit flying wouldn’t be on the agenda. Callum Evans as duty pilot and Dave Sharp as duty instructor took first charge, leading the Saturday pilots to the skies. Not only was the airfield joined by human pilots, but our four legged friends safely joined us to the delight of the members. We ended the day on 13 hours flying and 42 launches. We also saw Mike Lee join us in his own personal aircraft, a welcome surprise.

Sunday brought back much of the same. Dave Fidler and Brian Bark instructed the airfield, leading an efficient last Summer’s day. We also catered for a trial flight which left a new happy passenger with a smile on their face. We left Sunday after some more soaring, with 11 hours flight time and 55 launches.

Next weekend, we are looking at a somewhat useable Saturday, but a rainy Sunday, but nothing us pilots can’t make use of.