14th-15th August – Weekend Update

A Late Summers Soaring

In our usual high hopes, members of Cranwell GC arrived at the airfield to a…hopeful forecast. Winds were strong and the sky was overcast but pilots still managed to make the most of it with soaring flights around the Lincolnshire skyscape. DP Callum Evans, a former NUGC pilot turned fire and safety officer for the club, took the reigns to ensure everyone had a safe and efficient days flying, under the guidance of Tim Davies as DI. This fantastic team with the help of everyone on the airfield resulted in 33 flights, with a total flight time of 12 hours and 20 minutes meaning the average flight was just over 20 minutes long, a fantastic achievement in the flat landscape of Lincolnshire.

Sunday brought more down to attend. The first port of call was from Katie Mclean as she stepped up at short notice to be the duty pilot for the day. The higher number of people out on the airfield in addition to the university pilots meant that efficiency was key, and a total of 49 flights were completed under the watchful eye of Dave Fidler, and a flight time of 9 hours and 26 minutes. This brought the total flying time to 21 hours and 46 minutes, nearly a whole days worth of airtime!

This all wouldn’t be possible without the help of the volunteers of the airfield, who strive to ensure everybody at the club, member and visitor, has an enjoyable day.

Next weekend, we are looking at a warm couple of days with plenty of rain dodging, so bring your lucky ponchos!