15th-16th May 2021 – Weekend Update

Lets not take the forecast as gospel!

With another typical Lincolnshire dreary weather forecast for the weekend, spirits were not dampened and members still braved the weather.

Saturday proved challenging, with rain and thunder enclosing the airfield. This did not stop anyone with DP Adam Y giving the go ahead for limited flying with one of the K21 training aircraft. Unexpected soaring soon followed…for the best part of 18 minutes. Rain stopped play after a successful 15 flights.

Sunday on the other hand proved to be a lot more successful. A total of 45 launches, with the longest flight being 3 hours and 22 minutes long! Flying was briefly interrupted for 20 minutes as rain passed through, but was later cancelled as the spectacular thunderstorm that we were aware of passed over the North airfield. We also saw returning service members who have been experiencing trail flights over the last couple of weekends. This weekend goes to show that if the cross-section scares you, it is definitely worth attending regardless! A congratulations are also due to Flt Lt Link who successfully converted to the single seater Discus aircraft!

Let alone the soaring success out on the airfield, we also saw the long awaited return of the prop for our Turbo-Falke motor glider. This means that in turn, we can return to aerotow operations. A total of 60 launches were completed, with one successful conversion. A very successful weekend considering how we should’ve been rained off!