17th-18th July – Weekend Update

Sunburn & Soaring

With a heatwave due, many members arrived at the airfield expecting the warmer than usual weather to bring with it perfect soaring conditions. Saturday was not the case. The scorching 28 degree heat brought with it blue skies and not what we wanted. The saying “running through a forest blindfolded” had never been so relevant as pilots attempted to scratch at whatever the sky would give them. However, experience came true as we achieved a total flight time of 22 hours off 28 launches.

Sunday brought more success. A pre-defined task of going up to the Humber Bridge, back down to Southwell in Nottinghamshire, and back to home was set in the morning, with a couple of brave pilots attempting the 250km feat. All pilots who attempted this task made it back without any land-outs, a great success! Back locally at the airfield, we saw CN, the club aerotow, back in action, taking people on the gut-churning spinning training. So along with awful tan lines, sunburn and fantastic refreshments off the bus as provided by the dragon, we ended the day on 31 launches and 20 hours total flight.

Next weekend, we will not be looking at the heatwave again unfortunately, but rather the storm that follows. We look forward to still being as optimistic as ever and fly where we can.