1st-3rd May 2021 – Weekend Update

A hopeful bank holiday weekend 

With a bank holiday weekend meaning 3 full days of flying, Cranwell Gliding Club members eagerly attended the airfield despite a not so great forecast looming over the Lincolnshire skies. 41 total members attended, with many private aircraft taking to the skies on Sunday too.

As members arrived at the club, welcomed by promising blue skies, only for a strong overcast to quickly descend over the airfield. That failed to dampen anyone’s hopes of staying up with the early flights lasting up to 40 minutes. The sky proved to be particularly bumpy, as the airfield was enclosed by rainclouds on all fronts, which made for a stunning skyscape. Saturday finished with a total of 43 flights, with a total flight time of 10 hours 30 mins.

Sunday had a blooming sky, with soaring trips around the Lincolnshire countryside and beyond being the aim of the day. We also had the pleasure of welcoming airmen who went for trial flights, all coming back with high praise for the experience. Congratulations are also in order to Ross C for converting to the 15m variant of our LS8 aircraft, a fantastic feat. We also saw a private ASH 25 aircraft, flown by Kev A, go out for a 4 hour cross-country flight accompanied by Tim F. As a result, there was a grand total of 49 flights, with an impressive 33 hours and 10 minutes flight time total!

Although we have been given an extra day off work with the May bank holiday, unfortunately the typical British weather stopped us from flying, with rain coming in from the North. We will try our luck on the next bank holiday later this month!

Photo credit: Ian W