22nd-23rd May 2021 – Weekend Update

The whole team is back together!

Not only did this weekend see us play cat and mouse with the unpredictable Lincolnshire weather, but we had the pleasure of welcoming back the University of Nottingham Gliding Club to the North airfield at RAF Cranwell. 

Saturday kicked off with the daily briefing, where we were made aware of the incoming intermittent showers that would inevitably hold up our day. This certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the returning UoN pilots or RAF service members, that of which had come out under the ‘GoSolo’ scheme, as they braved the strong crosswind and rain. As well as welcoming back the university members, we also saw CN return to the skies, our very own tug aircraft. Club member Angus W enjoyed the first tow, all whilst avoiding the ever darkening rainclouds. Occasional showers stopped play, however we ended the day with 21 launches and everyone flown. 

Sunday was a completely different story. More NUGC were back on the airfield, despite being warned of the potential cancellation of the day thanks to strong crosswinds. With these aforementioned winds tinkering on the aircraft limits, strong thermals of 4-5 knots were a sight for sore eyes later on the afternoon. This lead to the longest flight of the weekend being a grand total of 1 hour and 15 minutes, with a total of 32 flights. 

Photo credit: Neill A