24th-25th April 2021 – Weekend Update

Soaring, visits and new members all around

Cross-section forecasts were released looking very promising this weekend, and they delivered again. Members flocked to the airfield on both days looking to take the, once again, fantastic skies above RAF Cranwell.

Saturday saw 54 flights following an attendance of 25 members, with a multitude of our pilots taking advantage of the soaring conditions. Hannah successfully re-soloed after a very long wait since last December before the last lockdown, so a massive congratulations are in order.

The second half of the weekend came with plenty of action, with fellow glider pilot Paul from RAF Marham Gliding Club come to visit during his 250km romp around the East Midlands countryside in his Ventus aircraft. We also welcomed numerous service members from RAF Coningsby who were accompanied by our very own Paul. This again saw potential new members take advantage of the Go Solo scheme.

All in all, a very successful weekend with a total of 94 launches, soaring and plenty of visitors to the now very busy North airfield of Cranwell.

Photo credit: Kelvin Ware