27th-28th March 2021 – Weekend Update

Getting the fleet and crew primed for take off. 

In continuation of dedicating these first weekends to getting all instructors current, so that flying may resume for all pilots once restrictions are eased, Saturday was a busy day for all volunteers out on the airfield looking to achieve 27 flights in 1 day, with a poor forecast predicted for Sunday that came true.

As a result of everyone’s efforts, our target of 27 launches was achieved within one day, with a further 10 instructors regaining their currency in addition to the 8 from the previous weekend. This meant that we had used our allotted launches for the ‘return from Covid’ period, and the team at Cranwell are ready to welcome everybody back upon lockdown being lifted.

Behind the scenes, our Duo Discus returned from Southern Sailplanes following some undercarriage servicing and the club’s LS8 glider had a full service. We are looking forward to having these gliders back in the air thanks to the hard work of our engineers.