29th-31st May 2021 – Weekend Update

A truly British bank holiday weekend

Contrary to what our previous bank holiday flying weekend’s have been like, sun, blue skies and thermals graced the Lincolnshire airspace. Although we have been hoping that the weather was nothing like the forecast recently, these last 3 days have been the complete opposite.

Saturday saw a plethora of members flocking to RAF Cranwell North airfield including the newly returned University of Nottingham GC, as well as 4 IOT cadets looking to make use of the fantastic weather. The amount of dedicated members out on the airfield, in addition to the fantastic weather, saw a total flight time of 30 hours and 22 minutes within 48 launches, flying longer than the day itself!

Although Sunday saw a lot more launches (55 total), there was a considerably lower total flight time down to 16 hours and 2 minutes. We welcomed the station commander’s husband and son, with successful trial flights for both individuals. We also saw 3 RAF servicemembers come for trial flights, all leaving with grins along their faces.

Finally, the bank holiday that everyone has been waiting for came, and it did not disappoint. Club servicemember Jon R set out his bank holiday task that saw a stretch over the Lincolnshire skies, with members visiting RAF Coningsby and beyond. We saw a total of 48 launches, and a total flight time of 11 hours and 53 minutes.

It was fantastic to see CN, our very own tug aircraft, be used for the entire weekend after an extended maintenance break. We saw a total of 151 launches, and a total flight time of 2 days, 10 hours and 17 minutes…in 3 days!

Photo credit: Tim F