2nd-5th April 2021 – Weekend Update

A successful Easter bank holiday

With the team at Cranwell looking forward to a prospective 4 days Easter bank holiday flying, plans were put in place for all silver and gold pilots to return to flying, adding to our growing roster of current pilots at the club after the COVID break.

This weekend gave us soaring weather on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with trips out to Lincoln completed and the newly current pilots welcomed with open arms to the sky. Unfortunately, flying on Monday was cancelled due to strong winds, but with a very successful 3 days prior, this hasn’t damped our spirits. A total of over 120 launches were completed, with nearly 50 pilots flown, a staggering achievement for 3 days of limited operations. A couple of private gliders were taken out of the hangar too, with their owners going up to enjoy the thermals above Cranwell North airfield. We also had Ewan sent solo by his father, Ray, in compliance with the rule of flying in family bubbles.

On the maintenance side of things, we are still waiting upon the return of our prop for the Falke (our motor glider) back in the air, and the University of Nottingham’s Acro is de-rigged and in the workshop. One of our Land Rover Discovery vehicles is currently out of action too, however it is nearly time for the gearbox refitted and seeing it put to work on the airfield. Another thanks goes out to all the members who showed up this weekend knowingly to only help out due to restrictions, your efforts do not go un-noticed!

Next weekend (10th-11th) will be the last of restricting who can fly, followed by the eagerly awaited full return to flying.