3rd-4th May 2021 – Weekend Report

Safety First

It’s been a few weeks since we last flew at RAF Cranwell, and with very good reason to do so. On Sunday 13th June, there was an accident for which the airfield was closed down for to render the area safe to fly off. We are pleased to say the pilot left uninjured, however the aircraft was a different matter. This goes to show that even experienced pilots can have difficulty at times and everyone is trained on eventualities before flying.

However, Saturday saw pilots return to Cranwell…without much flying. Rain stopped flying but the commitment of the club members saw a range of husbandry and maintenance tasks carried out around the hangar instead. Work was carried out on RAF Marham’s Falke that has been loaned to us temporarily, as well as general ground vehicle work to ensure the reliability of not vehicles in the air, but on the surface as well. Thank you to all members who stayed

Sunday was consdierably more successful with 31 winch launches and 1 aerotow. Numbers on the airfield restricted us to 3 aircraft, but the troublesome conditions still allowed for a longest flight of 1 hour! Although passing rain stopped play soon enough, it was enough time for Sgt Ross Craney to fly his first flight as an official BGA instructor. I believe the bell needs to be rung…