5th-6th June 2021 – Weekend Update

2 sides of a coin 

With a promising forecast for both days this weekend, we approached the airfield with our hopes high and our goals even higher. Saturday welcomed club members with open arms and blue skies, with club member (and former NUGC member) Callum Evans achieving the longest  flight of the day with a successful 2 and a half hour flight loitering around the stunning Lincolnshire sky! A fantastic achievement, especially in a flat environment such as Lincolnshire. We also had multiple RAF servicemembers, all of which enjoyed long flights, thanks to instructors Zeb, Tim and Dave. We ended the day with 21 flights and many smiling faces.

Sunday was a…completely different story. The promising forecast that was not what we expected and a grey overcast loomed over the North airfield. We were briefed in the morning of the plans for our fleet to have a temporary home at Saltby airfield for the next week as part of a joint service gliding course, to be taken over by a series of tug aircraft from Saltby itself and RAF Marham Gliding Club. As we started to make use, the first achievement of the day was achieved by SAC(T) Matt Meikle as he converted onto the single seater club Astir aircraft, well done! We also welcomed 2 IOT cadets for flights, one of which nearly resoloed after an extended break from flying. Just as we were getting into the swing of operations, our winch broke down on us, so we concluded club flying with the last flight at 1230. We hope to have everything fixed by next weekend so flying can resume as normal. However, for the volunteers who were assigned to take 5 of our aircraft across to Saltby, flying was not over. 5 of our aircraft, 2 K21’s, the club Astir, Discus and Duo Discus were  to head 20 minutes South to our neighbours outside Grantham. This was for a week long course for dedicated service members to go solo, or enhance their skills in the sky. We look forward to seeing how the week went next weekend. We finished Sunday with 19 flights.