8th-9th May 2021 – Weekend Update

So many achievements for such short little time

With a forecast of what seemed to be impending doom upon RAF Cranwell for Saturday, spirits were not dampened as a handful of volunteering members attended the gliding club hangar to give some TLC to the structure and its contents. A series of tasks ranging from basic cleaning up to refitting one of our tow-vehicles gearbox. When the dedicated volunteers arrived at Cranwell to be greeted by wind and rain, they got straight to work and achieved all tasks by the end of the day. Although this is certainly not anyone’s highlight of being a pilot, it goes to show just a pinch of the dedication that people put in behind the scenes to ensure flying operations can run smoothly on days we can fly.

Sunday, however, was a complete different story. With what was predicted as to be a “tricky” forecast, saw a flurry of achievements out on the airfield. A massive congratulations to Flt Lt Ridley for completing his first solo glider flight. Ridley is a Typhoon pilot out of neighbouring RAF Coningsby, and was sent solo by Cranwell Gliding Club’s own Typhoon QFI, Flt Lt Ravenscroft. Kelvin W also successfully converted onto the club’s single seater Discus glider, congratulations!

For what seemed to be a doomed weekend, the team’s spirit prevailed and a total of 44 launches occurred on RAF Cranwell’s North airfield. Thank you again to all volunteers who turned up to assist, especially on a very grey and miserable Saturday!