Christmas Update – 29th Dec 2021-2nd Jan 2022

First Wave

With the Christmas holidays in full swing, gliding members took advantage of not being at work to run a midweek gliding session. 11 pilots turned up, and despite the less than favourable weather in the early hours of the day, a total of 29 launches were achieved. Despite there being no designated duty staff before the day began, the team pitched in and insured that the most was made before heading home for dinner.

With taking a break on New Years Day to assist in the recovery of headaches and fragility, the team returned on the 2nd to resume flying for 2022. With it being the middle of the winter, not much was to be expected, but what was delivered was another story. Launches provided up to 2300ft of height, and rare wave made an appearance, allowing for Angus Watson to achieve the first wave flight of the year, up to 4500ft. This did however come with its downfalls of challenging conditions for the pilots, especially on the launch. Sunday finished with a total of 43 launches.