Weekend Update – 11th-12th December 2021

Summery Winter

Despite hopes of flying slowly diminishing as the winter nights roll in, and poor cross sections, the airfield was still flyable both Saturday and Sunday. The first of the 2 days brought with it 2 conversions. Alex Myers, an officer cadet currently on IOT with the college, converted to our club Astir, the first single seater aircraft pilots convert on to! Ben Payne, a student at the University of Nottingham, also converted onto the Duo Discus, making him our youngest pilot to do so! At the end of the day, we completed 40 flights.

With Sunday looking particularly dire on the cross section, nothing much could’ve been expected. Cloud base of 500ft, winds, everything to make a pilot’s life a nightmare. Reality was something else. Blue skies, light headwind, sunshine making us wish we were wearing shorts and shirts told a different story. All more evidence that goes to show that even if the forecast is poor, it is still worth showing up. With members from UoNGC joining us for the day, we successfully managed 39 flights.

Image credit: Miriam Gillow