Weekend Update – 13th-14th November 2021

Nippy Solo

Even though the weather over the last 2 weekends has been dire to say the least, we had still flown. This optimism led us to come out to the airfield this weekend in the masses, despite the strong weather warnings. The Saturday team, led by Tim Davies and Mick Hunton, were joined by the University of Nottingham gliding team, which resulted in a total of 50 launches on a rather cold Autumn day.

Sunday came through with the achievement of the weekend! Even though only 42 launches were completed (with everyone flown), SAC(T) George Eldred was sent solo in the club K21 by JR, a challenging feat in the winds that come with this time of year. George is serving personnel who used funding from the RAFGSA to finance his training up to solo. If you want to see if you are eligible, there is a link below to the site for the scheme, a fantastic opportunity for serving personnel. Leading team Luke Dale and Kelvin Ware ran the airfield so that a grand total of 4 hours and 39 minutes flight time was achieved!

Image credit: Ian Webb