Weekend Update – 16th-17th October 2021

Scrubbing Solos

With half of the Cranwell team (and a lot of instructors) at Lleweni Parc for a week of wave flying, the rest of the team took on the less forgiving Lincolnshire flying environment. Saturday was eventful, with Tim Faver as duty pilot and managing to control a very limited airfield. Even with the fewer numbers of instructors about, a first solo was achieved by Josie Patterson from the University of Nottingham, described by instructors as “nicely executed”. Fantastic achievement for the day. Saturday ended on 47 launches.

Sunday was a completely different story. The rain came in early…and didn’t leave. So, interesting stats for you: the first beer was served at 1030, and a total of 7 pool games were won! But it wasn’t all fun and games, as general husbandry was also carried out around the hangar, with a full sweep and work completed on the MT fleet with various aircraft included. A special thank you to all those that travelled out to be disappointed with no flying but stuck about to help out. Maybe next weekend!

We are looking forward to having the other half of the team back from Denbigh Gliding Club, and getting everything back in full swing. The pictures and footage is looking fantastic!