Weekend Update – 20th-21st November 2021

Winter Winds

Despite ANOTHER poor forecast for flying, with a cold front from the North coming in, Saturday saw 17 members attend, 8 being from the University of Nottingham. Luke Dale and Mick Hunton stood in as duty pilot and instructor, to lead the charge on a windy day. Thanks to the number of pilots that turned up, especially student pilots, new BI’s such as Benjamin Payne of UNGC. Another new BI was Dave Pratt, who recently took time from behind the controls of the tug that he usually volunteers to fly to take a student up with him. The first of many we hope! With the efforts of the pilots, an impressive 54 launches were completed.

Sunday brought with it a challenge that makes every landing more difficult…crosswind. Ian Campbell and Chris Booth decided for a set up leaving us huddled in the corner of the airfield, as a Northern wind made reference points difficult to judge. The 15 pilots who attended all put in their fair share of airfield jobs, allowing for a total of 26 flights, with everyone flown.