Weekend Update – 22nd-23rd Jan 2022

Keeping the Bar High

With a track record of efficient flying days, standards remained high for a weekend full of achievements. The blue skies of Saturday and a team led by Ray Weston and Tim Faver allowed for Flt Sgt Mick Hunton to obtain his Introductory Flight Pilot rating, meaning he now has permission to take people on their first flights! Kieran from the UoNGC also achieved his first solo flight, a much deserved event from all the effort he has put into the University society. There was an additional resolo from Neal Carter, congratulations.

Despite Sunday being a bit gloomier, defeating the trend of it being the better day the last few weeks, more achievements were accomplished. Firstly, Off Cdt Jesal Patel flew his first solo flight after a 3 year break from the sport. Secondly, Off Cdt Alex Myers qualified as a winch pilot, and thirdly, we took 5 non-commissoned aircrew trainees on their first glider flights! All these achievements were met with Flt Lt Sean Link and Mick Wood leading the team, fantastic effort from all those involved. We finished the weekend on 146 launches.

Special thank you to Miriam Watson for supplying the airfield with cracking food from the bus, much needed on these cold winter weekends!

Applications are still being accepted for the RAFGSA Go Solo scheme, so if you are a junior rank in the RAF or RAF Reserves, check out this fantastic way of receiving funding towards your flying here!