Weekend Update – 2nd-3rd October

Curse of the Cable Breaks

With a stark weather warning covering both days of the forthcoming weekend, spirits were not dampened…but the airfield certainly was for a gloomy Saturday. Those who did turn up made the most out of what was a flyable morning, before the rain showers settled in and ruined the rest of the day for the hopeful members. But the mood was not killed…TO THE BAR (as well as hangar husbandry duties of course!). Saturday finished on a mere 15 flights thanks to the efficiency of Pete Davey and Tim Davies as our duty pilot and instructor roles.

Sunday brought with it a much nicer day (completely defying what was predicted for the forecast), but with it the annual problem of changing conditions. Flights did get away, with R2, the club’s Duo Discus, staying up with ease. As the colder and more violent Autumn breeze comes in though, a wind shear towards the top of our launch, and a much stronger headwind, meant a massive increase in the amount of cable breaks. Luckily, members were quick and efficient to mend them on the go and we quickly adapted to the change in circumstance. Dave Bromley and JR ensured the day flowed smoothly, resulting in a grand total of 32 flights. There was a significant achievement from one of the university students, Benjamin Payne, who is now a qaulified BI here at Cranwell! We were all packed up, in the bar, having flown everyone till our hearts content by 1530, making a great success out of what was supposed to be unflyable!