Weekend Update – 30th-31st October 2021

Blustery Scrubs

Even with a dire weather forecast, as a mix of rain and wind descended on RAF Cranwell, that didn’t stop pilots coming out to the airfield. Joined by the University of Nottingham, pilots on Saturday faced tough winds, pushing the glider’s limits to the boundaries. Regardless of the harsh conditions, that did not stop us experiencing the views that the windy sky provided. With a fantastic effort from the team, led by DI, Angus Watson, and DP, Chris Booth, a total of 42 launches were completed, over an accumulated flying period of 6 hours and 56 minutes.

Sunday brought with it rain…and a lot of it. Every piece of equipment had a daily inspection carried out on it in the safety of  the hangar, just in the event that the rain passed. After an hour in the club room, discussing the best cloud formations and the unappealing nature of sherry, the rain finally stopped. Heading straight to the far end of the airfield, 6 launches were completed until the wind that had carried the rain away made flying no longer safe. DI, Mick Wood, and DP for the day, Sheila Weston, instructed a quick pack-away as we saw more heavy rain inbound, and in the nick of time as the heavens opened when the hangar doors shut. But with launches taking pilots to 1500ft and beyond, there were no complaints as we called it a day.