Weekend Update – 6th-7th November 2021

Windy Challenges

Although winter is coming upon us, the British weather certainly did not give us a bad hand to play with. Saturday proved temporarily flyable, with ‘the Dave’ DI and DP team, Dave Bromley and Dave Fidler, making space for 21 launches. Thanks to the increased headwind compared to what we have flown over the summer, launches of up to 2200ft were common, and the 3 gliders on the field certainly had fun with that. The wind that had been helping eventually got too much, and led to an early pack-away, but still a successful day.

Sunday pulled through, being a lot nicer. With plenty of pilots from the University of Nottingham joining us, the challenge was set with a crosswind from the North providing a lot of valuable lessons. With the weather under the watchful eye of DI, Neill Atkins, instructors took students one by one to demonstrate and consolidate crosswind landings. Dave Chappell took the reigns in insuring the day was as efficient as possible, despite the environmental challenges the gliders faced. But that did not stop a full day of flying nonetheless.