Weekend Update – 9th-10th October 2021

Tutoring in Full Swing

With what seemed to be a slightly unnerving Saturday as the forecast showed scattered rainclouds around the airspace and a foggy morning, an efficient setup (led by Neill Atkins and Mick Hunton) meant we were ready to fly as soon as the visibility had improved. As first flight went up at 1035, the team got ready as the Uni’s Grob Acro glider is back and ready to fly thanks to the incredible work of the engineering team in the background. There were lots of trial flights, and the University of Nottingham brought along 6 students to get hands on with the aircraft. `We finished the day on 49 flights.

Sunday brought with it a lot clearer skies. Duty pilot and instructor duo, Will Amor and Serena Brunning took charge, and spent a lot of the day monitoring the crosswind speed from the North that made approaches trickier than ever, but nonetheless, no challenge for the pilots at Cranwell. Another 6 pilots from the University joined us and a special thank you to Ben Payne for his efforts as a new Cranwell BI, taking trial flights and first-timers as well as completing his aerotow checks with Tim Davies. Sunday finished with another 49 launches, and a longest flight of 27 minutes, thanks to pilots scraping at what was soarable. Weekend finished with 98 total flights, and even more smiling faces.