Club Fees

Our pricing structure benefits greatly from the affordability we are provided as a Royal Air Force Gliding & Soaring Association Club.

There is no cheaper way to get involved in fixed wing flying in modern, high-performance gliders than through the RAFGSA.

Get airborne from:


*For service personnel and includes 28 day membership.

Membership Fees:

Membership Plans:

Day Membership
Single Day
Temporary Membership
(Service) – 28 Days
Temporary Membership
(Civilian) – 1 Day
Young Service Member
Annual Membership for U26
Full Service Member
Annual Membership
Entitled / Associate
Annual Membership

Membership Terms & Conditions

Day membership only available to guests of Full / Associate members.

Temporary Membership can be upgraded to Full / Associate Membership.

Full Service Membership is available to regular, FTRS and reservist HM Forces. (Including foreign military personnel)*

Entitled membership available to veterans, reservists, UAS (RAFVRT etc) and ATC cadets.

Associate Membership is subject to approval from the Club Committee

*Additional family members / dependants can be added at a cost of £70 per person.

Online Membership Form

Flying Fees:

Winch Launches


Average 1000-1500ft launch



Soaring Fees

30p per min:35p per min:
ASK 21Duo Discus

The first 10 minutes of every flight are without charge.

Every minute thereafter is charged at the rates dependant on aircraft type.

Motor Glider Hire


SF-25C Rotax Turbo Falke

Price per hour (inc. Fuel)

All instruction is free and is provided in accordance with the British Gliding Association

Gift Vouchers / Trial Flights:

Service Personnel

Organised Groups


1 x Aerotow

Gift Voucher


1 x Aerotow

Civilian Personnel

Organised Groups


1 x Aerotow

Gift Voucher


1 x Aerotow

4 persons = minimum Group bookings size. Air Cadets, CCF, Scouts and other youth groups charged at Service rates.