Flight Safety

Reporting safety observations and incidents is a critical part of a good safety culture. Observations are things you spot that might become a safety issue. Incidents are things have happened that have a safety implication. Reporting it shares experiences so others don’t have to learn the hard way, it allows us to investigate things so we can reduce the chance of future accidents, and in some circumstances it is a regulatory requirement.

If you have a safety observation or have had an incident, please report it. If something happens, please let the Duty Instructor know. If in doubt, ask any instructor, the club OiC, or the Safety Officer.

Things to report that the club are interested in at a local level:

  • Inadequate daily inspection issues
  • Potential of collision on taking off or landing
  • Hazardous circuit or approach
  • Poor handling in the air
  • Ground-loop without damage
  • Poor parking / ground collision risk
  • Pedestrians on the airfield
  • Flying with out of date or incomplete checks / paperwork / in the red
  • Airmanship issues

If you have had an AIRPROX, then you need to submit an AIRPROX report as well as the local report. An AIRPROX is when 2 (or more) aircraft come close to hitting each other. If so, please also submit an AIRPROX report to the CAA.

As we are an RAF club, we may also need to submit a report on the military system – this is called a DASOR. This stands for Defence Air Safety Occurrence Report. One should be submitted when the incident potentially affected another military aircraft, military airspace, military Air Traffic Control, the Cranwell Flying Club, or RAF Cranwell. If in doubt, discuss with the OiC, Dep OiC, CFI, Dep CFI or the Safety Member. DASORs can be submitted here:

As well as the club system and the military system, you can also submit reports direct to the BGA. Please use this if for whatever reason you feel you can’t report something through the club or military system.

If there has been an injury, we are also required to report this to the Health and Safety Executive. Please refer to their website to evaluate if the injury is reportable. If an injury is reportable, you are required to complete a RIDDOR Report.