Trial Flights & Lessons

The best introduction to gliding is to purchase a Trial Flight Gift Voucher. These vouchers are valid for 12 months and offer the recipient an aerotow culminating in a 25-30 minute flight.

Passengers are flown in modern, tandem-seat, dual-control gliders with fantastic all-round visibility. All flights are captained by British Gliding Association qualified instructors. During the flight the passenger will have the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque views whilst soaring over Lincolnshire. They’ll even have the opportunity to fly the glider if desired.

Service dependants are entitled to fly at Service rates.

Advice / Terms & Conditions:

Minimum age 10 years. Maximum weight limit 103kg. Maximum (comfortable) height 195cm.

Vouchers can only be redeemed at RAF Cranwell Gliding Club.

Visitors to the Club must possess valid photo ID (Drivers Licence / Passport) in order to gain access to RAF Cranwell. N/A to accompanied children.

A 2 week lead time is required to book your flight date – this is to ensure our team of volunteers have the capacity to fly you. It cannot be guaranteed that those visiting the Club on an ad-hoc basis to take a trial lesson will fly. Please contact us on the day to check that weather and glider availability is appropriate.

Airfields can be cold, so you’ll need to wear appropriate clothing in the winter. Skirts/dresses are not suitable garments for the cockpit. Sunscreen and sunglasses recommended in the Summer months.

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